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SOIC SSOC Site Monitor Adapters

This adapter plugs into the unit under test SOIC SSOC circuit board pads to provide easy access connection points for test instrumentation, signal injection, and temporary external circuit connection. The SOIC SSOC socket on the top of the adapter is a high quality test socket to ensure a long useable life and solid signal connection after many chip insertions.

Adapters on these pages are listed in ascending order by the number of pins.   

Part Number   Description    Price Shopping Cart
M16SS017-SO-ZO-SD   16 SSOP Pin Monitor Adapter
  • SSOP Package Type
  • 16 Pins
  • 208 mils Tip to tip
M28SO30A-SO-ZO-SD   28 SOIC Pin Monitor Adapter 28 SOIC Pin Monitor Adapter
  • SOIC Package Type
  • 28 Pins
  • 173 mils Tip to tip
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